WILDSILK ..a travel story...


WILDSILK is a UK fashion company, founded by Christina Guillaume.  After a career in running NGO's and Charities in the UK and overseas she was inspired by artisans work in the  UK, SE Asia, China, India, Thailand, and Europe. 

WILDSILK is a Social Enterprise Company with an ethical approach in all that we do, working with textile training, local artisans and small manufactures respecting skills used in creating quality garments and embracing new technology to keep all our partnerships informed and part of WILDSILK trading and manufacturing.  


WILDSILK ethos is to only use natural fabrics, due to the alarming research into polyester fibres (synthetic s made from chemicals) entering the oceans and marine life. 

Change is difficult but we hope to make a start one stitch at a time.

Natural Cashmere Wool

One of the softest, warmest and most luxurious wools on our planet brought to you in a beautiful garment. Made in Nepal by skilled artisans.

Natural Silk

One of the oldest traded fabrics in the world.  Today it remains the most, light, elegant, opulent fabric and combined with a simple design creates an outfit for any occasion. WILDSILK silk comes from Nepal, India and China depending on the weight required for the garment. 

Natural Wool

Wool jumpers, cardigans, socks, scarfs and hats are hard to come by on the UK high street. The WILDSILK team believe it is better to have 1-2 garments that will keep you warm in Winter or in Air Con and have designed quality, classic garments made in wool. Each garment has been weaved and stitched with care and on a low gentle wash will keep for years. We aim to use Yorkshire wool in our UK designs. 

Cool Crisp Cotton

Cotton is a wonderful natural fabric. Grown in many parts of the world. WILDSILK aim is to keep our environmental footprint low and use locally sourced cotton close to the manufacture. We ensure the cotton has been weaved to a high quality and stitched by skilled artisans.

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